'Yellowstone' Fans Flock to Kelly Reilly's Instagram After She Posts the Most Iconic Photo

Following the season 3 Yellowstone finale, many feared Beth (Kelly Reilly) had killed in the explosion caused by her aide opening an unmarked box within a box. 

Thankfully, the season 4 debut saw Beth staggering out of the smokey building, burnt and disoriented, her clothes ripped to rags

Kelly paid respect to her character by posting a snapshot of her character's survival on Instagram with the message, "Didn't doubt it did you?" 

She followed the message with a cockroach emoji because, as loyal viewers know, Beth has been through a lot. 

Thank GOD," 2BrokeGirls actress Beth Behrs remarked on her tweet. "Never bet against Beth," wrote actress Piper Perabo (who will join the cast sometime in season 4).

Her regular supporters, on the other hand, merely applauded her. "Greatest female role ever," one audience member shouted. 

"No way, Beth is a badass!" "Long live the Queen," wrote another admirer. "I was so scared," revealed one enthusiast. "I was gonna boycott if Beth was dead!"

As happy as we are that Beth survived, we would have like to see Rip's (Cole Hauser) initial reaction to nearly losing her rather than months later. 

 But, if we've learnt anything from previous seasons (let alone how he treated Roarke), that just means Rip's vengeance will be unleashed in full force later in the show.

Will his newfound status as Carter's male role model and caregiver influence his behavior? The only way to know is to wait and see.

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