Would the legendary Deion Sanders of the Cowboys move to the Chargers?

FRISCO, TX – We understand your query. But why aren't those interested in the always-interesting Deion Sanders paying attention to his responses? 

CowboysSI.com was the first to bring the topic up with Sanders, a former NFL player and Dallas Cowboys great. He told us flat out that he's "too old-fashioned'' to bother 

with the current pro athlete, and that he has no desire to make the transition from college coaching - he just finished his first season at the University of Colorado - to the NFL. 

Are we expecting him to snap? To reconsider his decision? to say, "Aw, I was just kidding? 

Recently, Shannon Sharpe has asked Sanders about a move to the NFL, specifically the upcoming Los Angeles Chargers' opportunity. 

"I don't want to do pros," Sanders stated on Sharpe's podcast with Chad Johnson, "Nightcap." "I would never do pro," Sanders declared on Sharpe's podcast "Nightcap," which also featured Chad Johnson. 

And there was the end of it - or should have been, until Johnson showed his surprise. 

"I'm straight," Sanders added, implying that "I'm fine where I am and I'm telling the truth." 

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