World Series Winning Pitcher Supposed to Interest Cubs

The Chicago Cubs may have their sights set on a different starting pitcher with championship experience who is now available.

The Chicago Cubs must begin making bold decisions that have an instant impact on their roster if they are to salvage their summer.

They can accomplish it most effectively by adding a top-tier starting pitcher.

They have ties to certain names that have become available on the trade market and in free agency. 

Although the Cubs appeared prepared to spend a lot of money in the winter, there is now some conjecture that they may not be inclined to give free agents big contracts.

They could be able to add an exceptional starter through a trade if they have a solid pipeline.

One possibility that has emerged is that the Houston Astros are allegedly fielding inquiries on their star player Framber Valdez due to concerns about their own financial status.

The Cubs may provide the premium prospects that the Astros would need in exchange for rebuilding their farm system. 

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