Word of the year 2023 is 'rizz' after Tom Holland interview fuelled rise in use - but what does the Oxford pick mean?

Furthermore, it describes a person's capacity to draw in romantic partners, a trait mostly used by Gen Z

The colloquial expression defeated seven other candidates to be named word of the year, including Swifties, who are, naturally, followers of Taylor Swift

The word "rizz" has been used far more frequently this year; it reached a crescendo in June when Spider-Man actor Tom Holland was questioned about it in an extensively publicized interview.

He replied, "I have absolutely no rizz." The Oxford University Press defines "rizz" as having style, charm, or attractiveness; having the capacity to draw in a romantic or sexual partner.

It is believed to be a condensed form of charisma. Using a word's middle portion for its abbreviated form is uncommon. 

'Fridge' (from refrigerator) and 'flu' (from influenza) are two other examples.

Promotion And if you can't get enough of it as a noun, you can also use the verb "rizz up," which meaning to entice or seduce someone, to use it as a verb.

The eight words and phrases on the shortlist, according to experts at Oxford University Press, were selected to best capture the tone, ethos, or themes of the previous year.

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