With one big Spider-Man change, Sony's plans for Sinister Six make a lot more sense.

Starting with Venom, Sony's Marvel world has been slowly building up to the premiere of the first live-action Sinister Six team, but they are missing one important piece to their puzzle. 

It's clear that Sony will soon put together its own team of superheroes (or, in this case, antiheroes and supervillains) for a big crossover event. 

 This is because Sony is still making money off of Marvel's characters' fame. 

 But Sony's Sinister Six can't be an exact copy of the version in Marvel Comics, and there's only one thing that needs to be changed for their likely team-up movie not to fail.

Sony's universe of Spider-Man bad guys was revived by 2018's Venom. 

This gave the company new hope for a Sinister Six project that seemed to have died with Andrew Garfield's Amazing Spider-Man franchise.

Surprisingly, Venom: Let There Be Carnage didn't give us any hints about a bigger story.

However, Morbius the Living Vampire brought together a group of bad guys by introducing Jared Leto's vampire character to Michael Keaton's Vulture. Sony's Sinister Six plan will definitely move forward with projects like Kraven the Hunter, El Muerto, and Hypno-Hustler.

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