Willie Nelson's Family Reflects on 1991 Death of His Son Billy in New Docuseries: 'It Was Terribly Hard'

Willie Nelson is a proud father to a huge brood, but the death of his son Billy in 1991 saddened him.

Billy was only 33 years old when he committed suicide on Christmas Day, and Nelson's inner circle opens out 

about how the tragedy affected the family in the new Paramount+ documentary series Willie Nelson & Family (streaming now).

"He was a wonderful guy, but it's difficult to be in Texas when your father is Willie Nelson." "You can't get away from it,

said Paula, the singer's third wife Connie Koepke's daughter. "When Billy died, 

it was incredibly difficult for him — and for all of us." It was very difficult for him because it was his first child."

According to a 1992 PEOPLE story, Billy was found dead in his log cabin residence in Davidson County, 

Tennessee, and officials said he was legally drunk at the time of his death, which was approximately 2 a.m. Buddy Frank, a friend, had just visited him on Christmas Eve and told PEOPLE that Billy —

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