Will Christmas be white? Where December 25 will snow

– Unusual weather due to El Niño brings warmer temperatures this Christmas, reducing snow in many areas.

– Northern states, both east and west, are more likely to experience a white Christmas due to the El Niño phenomenon.

– Cities with potential snow include Denver, Lake Tahoe, and Snowshoe, concentrated in northern mountainous regions.

– States like Florida, Hawaii, Texas, Ohio, and Oklahoma, along with some areas in the southeast, have minimal chances of snow.

– The El Niño-driven warmer Pacific Sea waters on the Equator contribute to below-average snow levels.

– Official sites like the National Weather Service should be monitored for real-time updates, as predictions may change.

– Research by SIXT, a German rental car company, identifies northern states as having a higher likelihood of a white Christmas.

– Alaska is the only state with a 100% historical probability of snow for Christmas; other high-probability states include those in the northern regions.

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