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After fullback Nick Bawden of the Jets was cut from the 53-man roster on Wednesday, his wife provided some insight into his future.

After being cut loose to make place for quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who is currently recovering from a torn right Achilles, Alexis Bawden revealed that her spouse is doing well.

One admirer commented, "I'm so pissed they cut Nick," under a video that Alexis posted on TikTok on Wednesday. "I hope they step down from him."

In response, Alexis wrote: "He's fine!!" I shall return to the team tomorrow, haha.

This season, Bawden has participated in all 13 games for the Jets. In their Week 3 loss to the Patriots, he scored a touchdown.

Alexis' amazing response went viral as it was posted by the official NFL X account at the time.

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