Why Randy Travis Inspired Parker McCollum's 'Goofy' Favorite Holiday Movie

Parker McCollum attributes his favorite Christmas film to Randy Travis.

Growing up in Conroe, Texas, the "Burn It Down" country musician reflected on some of his best holiday experiences. 

McCollum recalled gathering with his family and playing football in his grandmother's front yard every Christmas morning throughout his adolescence. 

When he wasn't playing football, the award-winning singer-songwriter, like many others, grew up watching Christmas movies.

One of them, he admits, "sounds kind of goofy," but that's because of the involvement of a country music great.

"Favorite Christmas movie - this is gonna sound kind of goofy, but one of them is definitely Annabelle's Wish, because Randy Travis narrates it," he stated, according to his record label. 

"I used to watch that with my mom when I was a kid, but Christmas Vacation is a fantastic film." And I've always enjoyed Tim Allen's Santa Clause series. 

Annabelle's Wish was published in the late 1990s. In addition to the "Forever and Ever, Amen"

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