Why Outlander Is Recasting Jenny Murray For Season 7

Production on the massive seventh season of Outlander is well underway, so it's hardly surprising that some intriguing news is beginning to surface. 

Starz released a number of casting details this week for the upcoming season, including the recasting of a pivotal role.

Actress Laura Donnelly will not be returning this season, however Jamie Fraser's older sister Jenny Murray will.

TVLine reveals that Kristin Atherton will assume the role of Jenny in season 7, replacing Donnelly, who played the character in seasons 1 through 3.

Fans should not be surprised by this revelation, given Donnelly was a vital member of the group in the show's early years.

Although the reasons behind Donnelly's recasting are unknown, it's plausible that scheduling issues had something to do with it given the actress has been working on a

lot of other projects since finishing her first season of Outlander. Her most recent performance was in the lead in the historical science fiction series The Nevers on HBO; 

; however, the program was not given a second season renewal.

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