Why isn’t Ja’Marr Chase playing for the Bengals against the Steelers?

Although the Cincinnati Bengals 2023 season has been dealt a blow with the loss of Joe Burrow, 

the team's campaign has not been fatally affected by this setback. The Bengals are still

the running for a playoff position in the AFC North, despite the fact that they are limping and still playing in the race.

This next Saturday, they will be competing against the Pittsburgh Steelers, who are known to be a formidable opponent,

 they will be doing it without their most important contributor. In week 15, Ja'Marr Chase had a sprained AC joint in his right shoulder 

while playing for the Cincinnati Bengals against the Minnesota Vikings. The game went into overtime. 

A day-to-day status had been assigned to him, but he has not participated in any practice this week.

This season, Chase has 93 receptions, 1,156 yards, and seven touchdowns, which puts him in first place among the team's receivers

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