Why Do I Have Red Spots on My Skin?

You've probably found a suspicious red spot or bump on your skin (one that goes beyond hyperpigmentation) if you're alive. Anyone

who's seen a dermatologist or anxiously self-diagnosed online knows there's no single answer or fix.

We spoke with prominent dermatologists to figure out the top seven causes of red spots to avoid using the wrong formulae. Rest assured, these red spots will fade.

Acne, which can appear anywhere on the body but is more frequent on the face, chest, back, and buttocks, is the main cause of red patches.

Cause #1: Acne

Dr. Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC, says hormonal fluctuations are causing adult women to break out more than ever.

Cherry angiomas, which look like red moles, are tiny blood vessel collections on the torso, arms, legs, and shoulders, especially in those over 30. 

Cause #2: Cherry Angioma

Keratosis pilaris, tiny, hard red pimples on the backs of the upper arms and thighs, affects 40% of people. They are caused by "keratin buildup in the hair follicle, forming rough,

Cause #3: Keratosis Pilari

Broken capillaries, swollen blood vessels under the skin, appear as brilliant red markings. They are usually caused by skin damage, such as squeezing a pimple too hard,

Cause #4: Broken Capillarie

Damage to the skin barrier causes inflammation and dry, red, itchy pimples in papular eczema. Cold and dry weather worsens it, and delicate skin is more likely to have it.

Cause #5: Papular Eczema

Dr. Nazarian says heat rash is tiny, red pimples on the skin caused by heat or sweat. Heat rash is generally observed on the back or chest, but it can occur anywhere.

Cause #6: Heat Rash

Dr. Zeichner says Rosacea causes the skin to overreact to triggers like spicy food, alcohol, hot beverages, stress, and the surroundings.

Cause #7: Rosacea

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