Why Carol Burnett never had a sitcom

Socrates' "Know thyself." was spot-on. He probably gave other fine counsel, but "know thyself" may be the best ancient Greek advise.

Everything's fine. Know your whole self, not just your weaknesses. Because recognizing your strengths is easy, but acknowledging your flaws prevents shame. 

Knowing which elements of yourself to work on and which won't help you is crucial.Carol Burnett knows herself. 

 She's a performer who brings out the childlike in herself and us. 

Knowing who she is, Burnett believes she's perfect for sketch comedy. 

"I love to stick wigs on and be different people," Burnett told the Hartford Courant 1990. "Performing musical-comedy is what I love most. I find that most fun."

Knowing who she was, Burnett wasn't scared to turn off professional opportunities that didn't fit her, even if they would've helped her career.

"I had been getting offers to do half-hour situation comedies where I would play the same character every week," Burnett said. 

"That's not my training or background. For me, doing The Gary Moore Show and my show for 11 years was the greatest joy." 

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