Who gave Taylor Swift a new ring? Thank goodness it wasn't Travis Kelce.

Taylor Swift's friend Keleigh Sperry, not her boyfriend Travis Kelce,  

gave her the attention-grabbing new birthday ring.Sperry posted two images of the ring along with the truth behind it on her Instagram story on December 21. 

Swift was first seen wearing the ring, which has what looks to be a big opal around by blue diamonds, 

on December 13 in New York City as she was out having fun with pals.Swift posted pictures from her birthday celebration on Instagram earlier this month, 

and one of them features the striking ring. Actor Blake Lively and Sperry's party images also featured it. 

Swift fans conjectured that Kelce, Swift's NFL player boyfriend, gave her the ring as a gift. 

After Swiftieinkc, a TikTok user, posted her interpretation of the meaning of the ring's ,

jewels in a now-viral video, the conversation became more heated.

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