White Christmas gone? Warmest Christmas eve in almost a decade in UK

This Christmas was the hottest in over a decade in the UK. Some regions reached 15.3C on Sunday, making Christmas Eve 2023 the warmest since 1997.Warmest ever?

The Met Office reported unusual Christmas temperatures in Heathrow, west London, and Chippenham, Slough.

This year was not the warmest 24 December in UK history, according to the BBC. The record was set in 1931

Aberdeen, Banff, Scotland, recorded 15.5C temps then. 

Tomorrow is 13–14C, which could be the warmest Christmas Day since 2016, when it hit 15.1C "Added.

Devon had the hottest Christmas ever at 15.6C in 1920

White Christmas gone? One snowflake makes a Christmas "white".

Forecasters predict a white Christmas in Northern Scotland, especially on higher ground in Caithness and Sutherland.

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