Which bell pepper is best to eat: red, yellow, or green?

Bell peppers come in many colors, but few know why. Read to the end to learn our secret.

Bell peppers vary in price and hue. Most bell peppers are green, red, orange, or yellow, with red being the most expensive.

Yellow and orange bell peppers are intermediate prices but can cost as much as reds.

Bell peppers' color can vary depending on their ripeness and maturation time.

Therefore, bell pepper color can indicate ripeness. This is seen in vine-grown green bell peppers. They mature from green to red.

Bell peppers' nutritious value depends on color. Compare a green and a red pepper.

Given their shorter growth time, green bell peppers have the lowest nutritional value. This may explain why green bell peppers cost less.

Despite that, green bell peppers are healthy and high in vitamin C.

Red bell peppers (or other fully ripened colors) provide more nutrients because they grew longer.

Bell pepper taste changes with ripeness, like other fruits. Green bell peppers taste bright and harsh compared to mature peppers. As peppers ripen, their flavor varies.

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