Your First Optical Illusion Determines Whether You Are Independent Or People-Pleasing 

Visual illusions lead our eyes and brains to see things that are not there. They're fun to solve since they challenge our vision and brain and make us think creatively. 

Optical illusions may also inform us about our visual system and its influences. Optical illusions are fun to solve because they mislead your eyes and brain into seeing things you don't. 

They demonstrate how our eyes and brain interpret depth, shading, lighting, and position to see. How you see photos may disclose your personality, including hidden qualities, preferences, and IQ levels. 

They may challenge your creativity and imagination as you attempt to interpret the same picture differently. If you like visual effects and surprises, they're fun. 

Today's optical illusion requires you to observe a picture and decide whether a lady or a face appears first. Write down your observations and read about your personality underneath. 

You saw what first? Women or frowning faces? 

If you spotted the lady seated first... You value your morality. Naturally friendly and giving, you are joyful and hopeful. You work hard and efficiently. You can read social signals and be impacted by unpleasant emotions. 

Seeing the frown initially... People struggle to understand you because you're secretive. You've always been sensible and logical, never trying to satisfy others. You want to go your own way and make your own life decisions. You want love and affection despite your stoicism. 

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