What to Know About Zack Snyder's New Sci-Fi Film, Rebel Moon

Snyder returns with a big sci-fi epic set in a distant galaxy. 

The anticipated interplanetary picture Rebel Moon — Part One: 

A Child of Fire features Motherworld armies attacking Veldt farmers. Discover Rebel Moon and how to watch it below.

Sofia Boutella plays Kora, a former Imperium soldier residing on Veldt, a tranquil farming moon, in Rebel Moon part one.

 When Balisarius, the Imperium's tyrant, sends vicious admiral Atticus Noble (Ed Skrein) to Veldt, she must face her terrible past.

 Kora must collect warriors to preserve Veldt from the Motherworld's terrible terror.

In 1980s film school, Snyder (Justice League, Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman) imagined Magnificent Seven or Seven Samurai in space, which became Rebel Moon.

He proposed Lucasfilm's Kathleen Kennedy an earlier Rebel Moon as a Star Wars narrative in 2012 while working on Man of Steel.

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