What made Yoshinobu Yamamoto baseball's most sought-after free agent

– Unconventional Training: Yamamoto, a standout pitcher, defies baseball norms with a unique training routine that includes yoga, soccer balls, and mini-javelins.

– Precision and Agility: Displaying contortionist-like precision, he executes backbends, headstands, and handstands, emphasizing body control and balance uncommon in baseball.

– Dominance in NPB: Yamamoto boasts an impressive record in Nippon Professional Baseball, winning three MVP awards and three Sawamura Awards, setting the stage for a groundbreaking move to MLB.

– Pitching Prowess: Despite his small stature, Yamamoto's strength training solely involves unconventional tools. His fastball reaches 99 mph, complemented by a splitter and curveball, reminiscent of pitching legends Pedro Martinez and Tim Lincecum.

– Purposeful Approach: Yamamoto's meticulous and disciplined approach extends beyond the field, impressing MLB executives with his preparedness and strategic thinking.

– Long-Awaited Transition: Having prepared for years, Yamamoto gleaned insights from former teammates who played in MLB, overhauled his delivery, and sent his assistant to gather information for an informed decision.

– Bidding War: As the top free agent in MLB, Yamamoto sparks a bidding war among wealthy teams, with expectations of a conclusion before the new year.

– Dual Persona: Publicly known as a nice and caring individual, Yamamoto surprises with a competitive edge, described as a "stone-cold killer" who enters rooms with purpose and takes meticulous notes.

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