"Wanted to be an elf" was actor Sam Heughan's childhood dream.

Sam Heughan is a well-known actor in Scotland, but things might have turned out very differently if he had pursued his joyous boyhood fantasies. 

The actor became well-known for his role as Jamie Fraser in the film Outlander. He attended James Gillespie's High School in the capital.  

According to the Daily Record, he most recently acted alongside Eleanor Tomlinson in The Couple Next Door. 

In a Virgin Radio interview with Graham Norton, the 43-year-old revealed his "inner geek" and said that heHe declared: 

"I'm going to be honest here—my first Christmas present that I can recall. In all honesty,  

I was probably a teenager. Of course, my mother got me a ton of amazing stuff,

but my uncle also brought me a board game I'd always wanted: Hero Quest, for Christmas. 

You know, things like orcs, dwarves, elves, and the like. That's probably why I always wanted to be an elf when I grew up.

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