Vogue’s guide to the very best Christmas nails

Classic Reds and Greens: A timeless choice for Christmas nails is a classic red or green polish. Vogue often accentuates how these traditional colors instantly evoke the holiday vibe. Consider pairing them together, creating intricate designs like candy cane stripes, holly leaves, or simple polka dots for a chic yet festive look. 

Metallic Accents: Vogue frequently showcases the allure of metallic shades during the holiday season. Gold, silver, or rose gold accents elevate any nail design. Try incorporating metallic touches in French tips, geometric patterns, or as accent nails to add a luxurious and dazzling touch. 

Holiday Glitter: Sparkly nails are a must for the holidays, and Vogue emphasizes the allure of glittery nails. Glitter polishes in various colors, from silver and gold to multi-colored sparkles, create a glamorous and eye-catching effect. Consider full glitter nails or use it as an accent for a subtle yet dazzling look. 

Snowflakes and Winter Patterns: Intricate snowflake designs or winter-themed patterns are often highlighted by Vogue for their intricate beauty. White or silver snowflakes against a blue or dark background evoke a wintery charm. Delicate patterns like fair isle, reindeers, or cozy knit sweater designs also capture the essence of the season. 

Chic Minimalism: Vogue appreciates the elegance of minimalistic nail art. Simple yet sophisticated designs, such as a single glitter accent nail, minimalist French tips, or subtle metallic lines, offer a modern and understated approach to Christmas nails. 

Nail Jewels and Embellishments: Adding jewels, rhinestones, or studs to your nails adds a touch of opulence and glamour. Vogue often showcases how these embellishments can elevate any Christmas nail design, whether clustered around cuticles, used as accents, or creating intricate patterns. 

Festive Nail Stickers: Vogue highlights the convenience and creativity of nail stickers. From intricate designs to playful holiday motifs like Santas, Christmas trees, or presents, these stickers offer a quick and easy way to achieve detailed and stunning nail art. 

Ombre and Gradient Effects: Gradient nails with a transition of colors or ombre designs create a soft and sophisticated look. Vogue often emphasizes how blending shades of red, green, or even metallics can add depth and dimension to your holiday nails. 

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