Tuna fish is a great addition to your menu! Here’s why

Canned tuna fish is a popular snack and even dinner item in many households because it is simple to prepare and totally tasty to eat.

If you're wondering how nutritious this tuna fish is, you should know that it boasts a slew of advantages.

Tuna fish is often canned in either oil or water and is commonly available. It's also reasonably priced.

Dr Suchismitha Rajamanya, an internal medicine specialist, spoke with Health Shots about the nutritional worth of tuna fish and how it benefits our bodies. 

So keep reading to find out why you should incorporate tuna in your everyday diet.

Eating fish has numerous health benefits, and tuna is no exception. Tuna fish is not only tasty and easy to prepare, but it is also fairly healthful. 

"Tuna is high in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and a variety of minerals." While canned tuna is widely available, raw tuna steaks are equally popular and provide a unique culinary experience," explains Dr Rajamanya.

Tuna fish contains a large amount of protein. This makes it a simple meal option that promotes muscle health.

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