Identify Three Hidden Faces with 9 seconds in This Optical Illusion Test of Intelligence?

One such way to measure intelligence is via optical illusions. The purpose of certain optical illusions is to test how well we can see and solve problems. Some optical illusions, for instance, ask us to deduce patterns or find concealed items or solve problems. 

Optic illusions are often easier for persons with higher IQs to solve, according to the research. This is due to the fact that higher IQ individuals excel in visual processing and conceptualizing novel ideas. 

A guy with a prominent nose is shown in this black and white artwork. The bearded guy is looking to the left. This optical picture of a guy has three hidden faces; it is your task to identify them. Is it possible to identify each one in under nine seconds? 

Because the faces are so well-hidden, the optical illusion presents a formidable challenge. Not to mention how difficult it is due to the unrealistic facial animations. 

Find any odd forms or patterns by scanning the picture thoroughly. Make use of your powers of thinking and logic. 

Those with excellent intelligence and the ability to solve complex problems are usually the ones who can find all three hidden faces in a picture. Additionally, they have excellent analytical and creative thinking skills. 

Well done if you managed to find all three of the hidden faces in the picture! You are really perceptive and intelligent.

The three faces were there, weren't they? There are many people just like you who are still looking. See the solution here.  

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