Top Cat Breeds in the World

A domestic cat breed with a unique blue-grey coat is the Russian Blue cat.

Russian Blue Cat

Originating in Southeast Asia, the Burmese cat breed was developed in the United States during the 1930s. 

Burmese Cat 

An Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat were bred to create the Bengal breed of domestic cats.

Bengal Cat 

The Persian cat breed, which has long hair, is distinguished by its rounded face and small muzzle. 

Persian Cat 

Siam, another name for Thailand, is the birthplace of the Siamese domestic cat breed. 

Siamese Cat 

One cat breed that is well-known for having no hair is the Sphynx. They are gregarious, friendly animals that are wonderful companions.

Sphynx Cat 

A common domestic cat breed, the Scottish Fold cat is distinguished by its unusual folded ears that give them a pronounced "owl-like" look.

Scottish Fold Cat 

The round face, plump cheeks, and stocky body of the British Shorthair cat make it a popular domestic breed.

British Shorthair Cat 

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