Top 9 trees to plant near a house and which to avoid

There are numerous advantages to planting trees near your home to landscape the area and soften the sight. 

A shapely ornamental tree in your front yard improves the curb appeal of your 

 home by creating a stunning first impression, and it can also boost the value of your property.

There are also practical advantages, such as providing shade and a pleasant spot to sit on hot sunny days with a properly placed tree in a courtyard area or rear patio space.

Similarly, in the winter, trees come into their own since they provide wind protection when you step outside to enjoy some fresh air during the cool season.

The ideal trees for privacy and screening will also provide separation from neighbors, the road, and any other sights you wish to obscure or conceal. 

 Trees may add privacy to a patio or porch while also breaking up sight lines to your windows. 

All of these benefits, however, will be considerably surpassed by the headache of structural concerns if you choose the wrong sort of tree that gets invasive or too large. 

So, let our experienced recommendations point you in the proper way. 'Choosing a tree is one of my favorite aspects of my work,' says Jonathan Fargion, a landscape designer based in New York.

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