Tommy DeVito left Coniglio's Pizzeria—why? NJ Restaurant's $20,000 Giants QB dispute explained

Tommy DeVito, quarterback for the New York Giants, was scheduled to visit Coniglio's Pizzeria in New Jersey in order to sign autographs while he was there.

Since taking over for Daniel Jones, who was sidelined with an injury, the New York starter has been working hard to build a reputation that is growing from strength to strength.

It has been a story that has made me feel good about a young man who still resides with his parents in New Jersey, who enjoys eating Italian food 

 that he has prepared at home, and who is now the starting quarterback for the local team. His signature celebration of "pinched fingers

 after scoring plays is another way in which he has made a significant effort to incorporate elements of his heritage.

In light of the fact that all of this was too good for Coniglio's to pass up, they wanted Tommy "Cutlets," as he is now known, to sign some autographs on Tuesday. 

As part of the agreement, those who came would be required to pay fifty dollars for each signature,

 and the quarterback would be booked for ten thousand dollars.Rumors have it that his asking price has increased to $20,000 

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