Tom Holland's Marvel Cinematic Universe Replacement

Ms. Marvel, played by Kamala Kahn, takes the place of Tom Holland's teenage Avenger.

Move over, Spider-Man: Kamala Khan (or, if you prefer, Ms. Marvel) is the new MCU rookie.

According to Screen Rant, Marvel is looking for a new actor to play Peter Parker, who has matured since Spider-Man: No Way Home. Kamala belongs to Iman Vellani.

Spider-Man is still in the MCU, but his role has altered. Spider-Man and Tom Holland were originally introduced to Marvel fans in Captain America: 

Civil War. Peter Parker spent as much time admiring everyone's powers and clothing as he did fighting in the airport fight scene in Civil War.

Over the course of three solo films and two more Avengers films, Peter Parker developed.

He was no longer awestruck by No Way Home, making room in the MCU for Kamala Kahn.

Spider-Man also served as a stand-in for the crowd. Peter Parker represented moviegoers

He thinks of the Avengers' heroic identities as "made-up names" because regular people do.

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