Tom Brady tweets 'lying cheating heart'

Over a year after he and Gisele Bündchen filed for divorce, Tom Brady sent a mysterious  

message on his Instagram Stories on Tuesday regarding "a lying cheating heart". 

The late great boxer Muhammad Ali was credited with saying it. The quotations were taken from an April 1978 UN speech ,

by Ali about South Africa and the struggle against apartheid."A person's personality.  

a person's methods. His ideas. His actions. What he did. are centered on his heart. For what purpose is a man? The message said, "A man is his heart." 

"A man who lies and cheats is a heart that lies and cheats." Love and mercy in the heart equate to a loving and merciful man. 

Living man means having a living heart. A man is dead when his heart is dead. whatever a man's title may be. 

A man cannot be great, regardless of his position, riches, or status, if his heart is not great. However, a guy with a great heart stays great no matter what, rich or poor, big or small, 

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