This optical illusion picture can be solved in 9 seconds by anyone with 20/20 eyesight!

Cupid is hidden in this antique optical illusion image, and persons with 20/20 vision will only notice him after 9 seconds.

Nowadays, optical illusions are one of the most popular internet challenges. 

It is thought to be the simplest approach to assess an individual's attentiveness and visual prowess.

Attempting optical illusion puzzles improves problem-solving and critical thinking skills by exercising the brain and eyes.

Furthermore, optical illusions excite the brain and improve our logical and analytical abilities, which can help us improve our cognitive abilities.

Those readers who spotted the cupid inside the time limit deserve a standing ovation for their remarkable effort.

Those who were unable to locate the cupid must engage in such activities on a daily basis in order to improve their visual acuity.

If you look at the image from a distance, you can see the cupid covering the man's facial structure, eyes on the man's forehead, and a miniature figure of a kid.

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