These 6 reasons explain why RBC predicts a first-half 2024 recession.

Ray Dalio said the economy is like 1937 and will fall in two years.Return to default view by scrolling up.

In its year-ahead outlook, RBC Global Asset Management predicts a 70% recession in 2024.

RBC Global Asset Management predicts another recession in 2024 at 70%.

Strategists gave six factors for their 2024 prediction.

"A recession can be expected to inflict very real pain on businesses and households, and cascade into financial markets as well."

The Fed's interest-rate hike cycle has yet to cause a US recession, but RBC Global Asset Management predicts one in 2024.

The stock market's major indices are at record highs, inflation has moderated, and unemployment is low.

RBC strategists said the deteriorating economy and corporate landscape informs their recession estimate. Six factors were given for a first-half recession in new year.

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