The Truth About Donald Trump's Social "dictatorship"

In a Daily Mail poll, voters characterized the political objectives of former President Donald Trump as "dictatorship,"

"corruption," and "revenge."Trump seemed to express agreement with their evaluations on Tuesday. 

The words "corruption," "revenge," "dictatorship," and "power" were prominently displayed in a word cloud that Trump shared on Truth Social,  

hinting at the results of a Daily Mail survey that was released on Tuesday.  

Many of the participants in the survey were asked about Trump's intentions regarding a second term in office. 

The post had no comments or a caption attached. A request for comment was also not immediately answered by the Trump campaign. 

Although Trump has previously alluded to his authoritarian tendencies and referred to himself as a dictator,  

this is the first time he has done so using a word cloud. The front-runner for the Republican nomination said to Fox News anchor Sean Hannity earlier this month that he would not rule like a tyrant "except for day one."

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