The Top 6  home decor trends every design expert is talking about for 2024

A new year means fresh opportunities, aspirations, and—above all—home décor trends, which pique our interest.

We've talked to the experts about everything from colors and materials to shapes and styles to determine which trends will dominate the market in 2024.

According to Johanna Constantinou, a trends expert at Tapi, "we'll see an influx palette of rich browns, deep oranges, and muted reds as we enter 2024.

Sunset shade

Inspired by the mood of a sunset, yellow is being chosen as a color to watch in the upcoming year.


Blue is yet another hue that is expected to be popular if you're sick of the idea of colors taken directly from nature. 


Green is a must-have color for anyone embracing natural hues; it's predicted to be a major theme in 2024 home décor trends. "Calm pastel green hues like mint and pistachio are going to be in," designer Molly Chandler of Willis & Stone suggests. 


According to Kate from The Painted Furniture Company, pastels are becoming more and more popular in 2024. They have a sophisticated yet subdued look. 

Muted pastel

According to Chelsea Clark, head of brand at Henderson Design Group, "retro-inspired interiors are set to make a resurgence in 2024, drawing inspiration from 70s design.

Seventies revival

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