The NFL community is offering prayers for the esteemed Dallas Cowboys star.

The NFL community is offering prayers for the renowned Dallas Cowboys icon, Michael Irvin, on Sunday afternoon.

Irvin has disclosed his current mental status, acknowledging that he has been experiencing significant difficulties recently.

The renowned Cowboys icon faced allegations of impropriety at a Super Bowl hotel. He refutes the accusations.

"You may really be correct, my friend.... However, I found myself in a state of emotional distress due to the overwhelming circumstances I had been dealing with since Super Bowl.

Consequently, I felt the need to distance myself from it all. "Thank you, brother," he declared.

Football enthusiasts are praying that everything will be ok. "We've got your back." Michael "I enjoy watching your commentaries and hope you return soon!" one admirer remarked.

"You are one of our favorite people on the planet for many of us." "We've always got you, big dog," one supporter said."Stay strong, Michael," one supporter commented.

"Keep your head up, PlayMaker...just keep living," commented another fan. "Michael, you are the best at what you do." "Please don't give up and keep being one of the BEST sports commentators in the business," one admirer said.

As a result, I felt compelled to isolate myself from it all. "Thank you, brother," he expressed gratitude.

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