The Milk Bar birthday cake by Swift went viral. 

Despite the fact that Taylor Swift turned 34 in 2023, she is celebrating as though it were 2015. 

According to Mashed, a multi-platform publication that covers cooking and cuisine, Google searches have increased ,

by 3,950% in the last week due to the pop star's choice of birthday cake from renowned New York-based bakery business Milk Bar. 

According to Mashed, search patterns for "milk bar cake" and "what is a milk bar cake" increased by 130% and 700%, 

respectively.Along with the words "Birthday Girl of the year," Swift's cake also included a clear reference .

to Time's recent announcement that the pop sensation will be the 2023 Person of the Year after her historic tour and concert film. 

The bakery chain shared the pop star's birthday pictures on Instagram along with the caption, 

"Taylor...does this mean we're cake of the year?" "Happy queen's birthday!For those who don't know, 

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