The Color Purple has a necessary musical update that takes away from the power of the story.

The Color Purple has been turned into a musical, which is a celebration of life and a warning that things can change.

 Characters who are more outgoing and brave, like Sofia and Shug Avery, work best in a musical setting.

Even though the musical format is great, it doesn't do a good job of showing how strong and complicated Celie's character is as the movie did.

In 1985, Steven Spielberg's movie version of Alice Walker's Pulitzer Prize-winning book The Color Purple came out. 

It was nominated for 11 Academy Awards. Spielberg may not have been the best choice to adapt this book to the big screen, but his talent for catching magic on film made it such a great movie. 

Spielberg was able to make us feel the power of the little things in life by telling the story of Celie Harris (Whoopi Goldberg), a shy and quiet woman who had a hard life in Georgia. 

For example, hearing a song dedicated to her in a bar or putting on makeup for the first time in years. 

Almost all the time, Celie hides how she feels. When that changes, it hits her like a ton of bricks, opening up all that stress. 

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