The best Christmas tree decorations for every style

Christmas tree decorating is here! Put your favorite Christmas playlist on shuffle and get the ornament boxes out of the attic. 

The right Christmas tree topper completes any tree, even one with your favorite ornaments. 

Vintage decorators will love this tree's velvet star topper and prize ribbon garland. 

Velvet Star Topper 

This tree has a cute velvet star on top and a garland of prize ribbons. It's a great choice for designers who love old things.

Rattan Tree Topper

Top your tree with a green velvet ribbon tied like shoe laces for an elegant, effortless finish.

Fill in some texClassic Bow Tree Topper t

This simple but beautiful topper is based on the Scandinavian custom of decorating trees with straw.

Straw Star Christmas Tree Topper

Put a plaid red bow on the very end of your Christmas tree and let the ribbon hang down over the branches in a beautiful way. 

Rustic Plaid Bow Christmas Tree Topper 

For those who prefer to stick to tradition at Christmas time, there's no better embellishment for the top of your tree than a throwback star. 

Vintage Star Tree Topper

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