The Best Celebrity Red Hair Color to Show Your Stylist

Everyone wants red hair, but few can pull it off without professional aid. Hard to get and maintain—you may have to bleach black hair before dying it red

and it can rapidly become brassy or lose its brilliance. Auburn can also look very different depending on how the light hits it, 

particularly in photos, making it difficult to choose a hue for your skin tone, eye color, etc. Fortunately, some prominent celebrity redheads have polished

the hue during their careers (some are natural, but they all rock the color). We have many red tones, from muted to brilliant cherry. This is the spot to find ideas for your perfect red color.

Kaia Gerber's brunette hair has a hint of red, which is a terrific look if you're dipping your toe into the hair color and want warmth and dimension without the maintenance of colored hair. "Starter red," if you will.

Kaia Gerber

Kendall Jenner experimented with red in the early 2020s, as did all major supermodels. A few shades lighter than her natural brown, this strawberry tone seems sun-kissed without seeming damaged.

Kendall Jenner

As Blake Lively shows, strawberry blonde is a realistic objective for blondes. You're darkening and intensifying your natural color, unlike with brown hair, but you're not going completely different. Red for beginners!

Blake Lively

If you want to tint your hair to resemble red, this is your inspiration photo (I think Nicole Kidman's natural hair color). Imagine bright, nearly brown, copper-colored without being artificial.

Nicole Kidman

Dua Lipa's career has featured various interesting hair colors. This cherry red may be my favorite because it's ombre—darker at the roots, lighter at the ends. Obviously not a natural color. it's a cool color to wear.

Dua Lipa

If you're new to hair coloring, bright cherry red is a black-belt-level red hair color you shouldn't try as a permanent or semi-permanent. Start with a temporary hair dye that washes out to determine whether it works.

Megan Fox

Julia Fox is "edgy," and her stylish hair colors show that. This stylish ombre plum-to-burgundy tint may require regular salon visits, but it looks great (especially with a complementary lip color), so who cares?

Julia Fox

Florence Welch, a brunette, has gorgeous red hair. This bold version compliments her red lip and complements her fair skin. You should try different shades to make sure they match your skin, eyes, etc.

Florence Welch

Red hair, which Hari Nef enjoys and has worn in many tints, has made her one of Hollywood's hallmark redheads. The rich auburn complements Nef's brunette eyebrows and roots

Hari Nef

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