The Best Celebrity Nails to Show Your Stylist

Selena Gomez

White doesn't have to be boring; on the contrary, it may be a lovely neutral when the rest of your outfit is made up of statement elements (pink sweater, black skirt, diamond jewelry). 

Hailey Bieber

What's so cool about this photo is that Hailey Bieber is attending a Tiffany & Co. event (get it? The blue color is thematic? ), which means she complements the decor. 

Lori Harvey

A French manicure is timeless, to the point where it might look out of date if not kept up to date.

Quinta Brunson

Choose ombre nails as an alternative to your traditional French manicure. The nail designer has upped the game here by including some random crystal motifs in a way that feels deliberate rather than haphazard.

Demi Lovato

The glitter French mani has been popular for quite some time (I selected a similar design for my wedding! ), but there are always ways to modernize it.

Julia Garner

If a French tip isn't working for you, concentrate on the base of the nail. Drawing a thin but sizable line around the base of the nail is a fun and unexpected alternative to focusing on the tip of the manicure (this is also an easy look to imitate for those of us who don't get gel nails).

Kerry Washington

It's a little difficult to notice in this photo, but Kerry Washington's nails are a lovely pink, with two lines of little pearl beads forming an X on her index and third fingers. 

Zazie Beetz

When you're wearing this much (beautiful, expensive) jewelry, what do you do with your nails? Choose a straightforward but effective pattern. 

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