Taylor Swift, the most recent corporate leader, had the most successful year.

This year, Taylor Swift exhibited enormous economic power without having to lead a central bank or oversee a large corporation. 

Not only did the pop sensation dominate the music scene in 2023, but she also dominated business, 

breaking box office records in its first weekend of release, selling out stadiums all over the world with her "Eras" tour,  

and making Swift herself a billionaire in the process. Fans also lavished money on merchandise at her concerts. 

Swift accomplished amazing things that would make any ordinary business executive of a Fortune 500 firm proud. 

She commanded a devoted following of supporters who turned out in droves to spend money, 

and that's success for any business leader, chief executive officer or not, in an economy mostly driven by consumer spending. 

(CNN Business' pick for CEO of the year is shown below.)Armen Shaomian, an associate professor of sport and entertainment management at the University of South Carolina,  

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