Taylor Swift spent $1200 on vintage Chiefs merchandise. 

By now, the story of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's initial courting has become deeply ingrained in the minds of Swifties ,

everywhere: The pop singer was initially drawn to the Kansas City Chiefs tight end this summer when he revealed his intention to offer her a friendship bracelet 

with his phone number on it while attending her Eras Tour. In essence, he was expressing that he was a fan who aspired to be more, 

and astonishingly, his dream came true. It has been about a week since then that the two haven't been featured in numerous photos together. 

is now Swift's turn to become an ardent public fan of her new partner, and as "Miss Americana" has never done anything in her life half-heartedly, 

she has approached this endeavor with great zeal. Swift has been known to wear ,

her distinctive red lip and yell at Chiefs games with a big smile on her face, 

but her wardrobe choices have also played a significant role in showing her support for her new partner.

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