Taylor Swift once made Jessica Chastain the ultimate breakup playlist

Since Taylor Swift has written a number of songs about heartbreak, it is only natural that she would be able to provide assistance to a friend 

 who is going through the process of recuperating from a breakup.After Jessica Chastain revealed that she was going through a breakup at the time of their meeting

at the Met Gala in 2011, Taylor Swift sent her a bespoke playlist of songs that she had been listening to during her breakup.

During a recent visit on "The Tonight Show," Chasten explained to presenter Jimmy Fallon that she was a really kind and kind person.

During the conversation that I was having with her about the breakup that I had just gone through, we went out and danced together. This was really a wonderful evening,"

she went on to say. Finally, the following day came. I received an email from iTunes that read something along the lines of "Taylor Swift" or something like, and I was under the impression that it was an album by Taylor Swift.

On the other hand, the message was actually a playlist that had been compiled by the one and only.

She had, in a sense, compiled all of these songs on breakups and sent them to me in order to assist me in getting through my breakup! When Chastain recalled it. That is the most adorable thing

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