Spoilers! DC's future in 'Aquaman 2' finale, post-credit sequence

Warning: spoilers! Those who haven't watched "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom" (in theaters now) should avoid our plot summary and ending.

If you watched the new “Aquaman” sequel and wondered, “Wait, that was it?” … That's it.

A decade of DC movies ended with Patrick Wilson eating a roachburger.

In “Lost Kingdom,” Jason Momoa's nautical title superhero ends the DC era that had Marvel-sized ambitions but never achieved continuous critical and audience acclaim.

A revamped cinematic universe is coming in 2025. Aquaman had to save the world from an evil guy with a light-up magical doodad, even if the movie was lackluster with no great cameos or hints. 

People, that's job dedication.Supervillain Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) becomes possessed by Kordax, the wicked ruler of the forgotten realm of Necrus, after obtaining the Black Trident. 

Manta kidnap Aquaman's baby to use the kid's royal Atlantean blood to break the enchantment, free Kordax and his undead horde, and unleash horror on Earth. 

Aquaman overcomes the resurrected Kordax with the help of his half-brother Orm (Wilson) and Manta dies as Necrus crumbles.

After the event, Aquaman gives a news conference on Ellis Island to expose Atlantis, much like Marvel's "Black Panther" does. 

He promises to collaborate with global nations to address the climate crisis. "I am Aquaman," he screams with a mic drop, emulating Robert Downey Jr.'s "I am Iron Man" moment in "Iron Man."

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