Sophie Skelton stars in Hollywood thriller after Outlander.

Sophie Skelton has landed her first major film role after Outlander.

Sophie Skelton will star in a new thriller filming in Scotland later this year

The 29-year-old is most known for playing Brianna Fraser in Outlander with Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, and Richard Rankin.

Sophie, Bella Dayne, and Akshay Khanna will star in the UK thriller Row, which begins filming in Scotland in weeks.Row will follow a woman who washes ashore on a bloody rowboat with her crewmates missing and thought dead. 

Her discordant recollections must be reconciled to prove her innocence.Matthew Losasso and Nick Skaugen direct and write Row, their film debut. 

“On the Valiant, the lack of space fuels paranoia and intense drama despite an infinite ocean.

“It’s a compelling and fabulously ambitious script,” Matthew told The Hollywood Reporter.

If filming on water wasn't hard enough, add a convoluted dark plot, technical ways to avoid green screen backdrops, a desire to convey ocean landscapes' rough beauty, and independent filmmaking boundaries.

Sophie is most known for playing Claire and Jamie Fraser's daughter Brianna on Outlander, which is on hiatus. Fans are devastated as the series is suspended till 2024.

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