Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton discuss Brianna and Roger's'last parting' 

Welcome and farewell dominated "Outlander" season seven's second episode. William Ransom (Charles Vandervaart), Jamie Fraser's (Sam Heughan) redcoat-wearing son, was given to his half-sister Brianna MacKenzie (Sophie Skelton) during the revolutionary. Allan Christie (Alexander Vlahos) confessed and faced his maker after Malva's (Jessica Reynolds) murder.  

Brianna and Roger's (Richard Rankin) second child, Amanda, was due this episode. The narrative takes an unexpected turn when Claire (Caitríona Balfe) discovers her granddaughter's heart problem beyond her medical expertise. She fears their daughter will die without modern treatment. Brianna and Roger's heartbreaking choice to take their small family through the stones to their own past is important to Skelton and Rankin. 

Skelton worried Brianna would never see her parents. She thinks she made up their final words at Ocracoke's stone circle. "With Mandy's heart issue, they're not going to want to bring her back," says. What parents would place their kids in this situation knowing the American Revolution was coming? I suppose goodbye." 

Even while her costar and onscreen spouse Rankin indicated "there's maybe a glimmer of hope" that the Fraser's Ridge quartet may reconnect, Brianna and Roger won't. "I don't think they can entertain the idea that they can just commute with Jemmy and Mandy," he said, since it's "supposed to be a pretty horrific experience." 

"It's not necessarily one you can guarantee the outcome of either," says. Roger and Brianna time-traveled using stones. Not successful in season five. He adds "they were tethered back to Jamie and Claire and the life they've built on the ridge." They succeed this time with love.  

"What's interesting is usually they say you need somebody on the other side of the stones to pull you through, but I think this time it comes from the two of them going through together," says. "There's no one pulling them through the specific era — I guess they could be thinking of Joe, the surgeon — but it's not quite the same," says. Their joy in their child. Families return." 

Rankin said, "It's not really a decision, it's a necessity." Roger and Brianna will return to 1776 and the early 1980s since season four, establishing parallel histories. After six seasons of historical costumes and outdoor shooting in the Highlands for "Outlander", Skelton and Rankin welcomed the break.I enjoyed studio films! Odd, Skelton thought.  

Rankin said shooting the new episodes "almost felt like a different show." Roger wears corduroy and Brianna has new hair. "It's nice in season seven to have something so fresh, a different storyline completely," adds. "It was like our own little world." On Friday at 8 p.m., airs "Outlander" season seven episode two. 

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