Some things Madonna said at a concert in New York City shed new light on her hospitalization.

Madonna gave new information about the health scare she had over the summer, 

which sent her to the hospital to fight a nasty bacterial infection.

When she performed in Brooklyn, New York, on Dec. 16, the 65-year-old "Hung Up" singer gave...

some background to what she had said before when she said she didn't think she would make it through the infection after "forgetting days" of her life. 

When she was in the hospital in June, the pop queen told concertgoers that she had been put into "an induced coma for 48 hours."

Her children were also with her at the hospital, she said. Her Kabbalah teacher was also there. "I could only hear his voice." 

 "I heard him say, 'Squeeze my hand,'" Madonna said in a video that has been shared by fans on X (formerly known as Twitter). 

The singer, who has won seven Grammys, thanked her friend Shavawn, whose quick thought saved her life.

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