Simple Holiday Appetizers That Will Astound Your Guests

You can arrange your Christmas dinner menu—side dishes, beverages, cookies, and candy—but you can't overlook holiday appetizers for guests!

To help arrange the party, we've selected our favorite easy and tasty snacks. Gather friends and family to enjoy holiday salsa, crostini platters, and charcuterie boards.

This list has sweet-and-salty, cheesy, dips, skewers, and healthful options. Everyone can enjoy something while the main event is prepared!

Have you tried Peppadew? Stuffed with soft cheese and wrapped in bacon, these sweet, slightly spicy peppers make a delicious cocktail party hors d'oeuvre or year-round snack.

1. Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Peppadews

These delectable biscuits are perfect for breakfast or holiday parties! Asiago cheese's salty, nutty flavor and a small slice of prosciutto elevate these luscious buttermilk biscuits

2.Asiago-Prosciutto Biscuits

These sweet, savory, and somewhat spicy nuts are excellent for any Christmas gathering. Plus, they're simple to create!

3.Three-Herb Cashews

Use your vintage fondue! We have the best Christmas dinner party treat. This classic cheesy dip gets a fall twist with apple cider.

4. Apple Cider Fondue

Classic holiday recipes are sure to please. Example: sausage-stuffed mushrooms. Serve these simple appetizers for your Christmas cocktail party!

5.Stuffed Sausage Mushrooms

Toasting pecans in orange juice and zest is amazing. The flavor combination is simple and surprising. This Southern treat is essential for Christmas celebrations!

6 .Pecans Glazed in Orange

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