Should Greg Minnaar Run in the World Cup Like Tom Brady? 

The greatest racer of all time, Greg Minnaar, and the Santa Cruz Syndicate, his team of sixteen years,  

have split ways due to the unthinkable. If so, are we going to witness Minaar make history once more in 2024? Is the Syndicate allowing , 

42-year-old Minnaar to walk the downhill racing equivalent of the Patriots letting Tom Brady go to the Buccaneers?  

Time will tell, but one thing is certain: Greg will still have a chance to win if he chooses to race. 

Watch the video he posted about leaving the Syndicate below.The prevailing gossip states that Greg will compete for Norco in 2024  , 

and that the team is developing a brand-new high pivot downhill race bike prototype.In the past,  

Minnaar has stated conflicting opinions regarding high pivots.  

Greg has been riding and helping to create the new V10 bike for the past 16 years. In the development video, the team tried out a few different mid pivot choices,  

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