Scary Scarecrow Nail Polish

Matching nails are an absolute must for every ensemble. For a Barbiecore manicure perfect for fall, your search ends here! Introducing a pink scarecrow nail art technique from Paris Lash Academy.  

To create the look for yourself or your clients, follow the step-by-step tutorial: 

Apply a coat of Sun-Kissed, a nail base coat made of PLA.  

Use an oval motion to apply PLA's Sass Master, starting at one nail tip and working your way to the free edge.  

Continue applying the Hustle, Rest, Repeat from PLA to the opposite side of the nail in the same manner as in step two. The desired appearance is that of a French tip, where two colors meet at the tip.  

Use Black Liner Gel to outline the pink nail portions. 

Apply black liner gel in a stitching pattern on the nails.  

Coat with a Non-Wipe Topcoat to Finish.  

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