Sam Heughan unveiled amazing Outlander Season 8 news.

– Outlander Season 8 Affected by Strikes: – WGA strike impacted production. – Series not SAG, but stood in solidarity. – Both WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes now over.

– Sam Heughan's Update on Season 8: – Heughan shared news on Graham Norton Radio Show. – Production set to start in spring. – Exact date not specified, but possibly March.

– Production Timeline: – Filming to last from spring to October. – Season 8 will have 10 episodes. – Shorter production due to episode count.

– Premiere Date Speculation: – 2025 premiere likely. – Post-production also significant. – Summer 2025 plausible for premiere.

– Droughtlander Duration: – Considering Season 7B in 2024. – Droughtlander not too long for fans.

– Previous Season Comparison: – Season 8 shorter than previous seasons. – 10 episodes in contrast to longer seasons.

– Heughan's Other Project: – Heughan promoting Clanlands book. – Sequel related to road trip with Graham McTavish.

– Upcoming Content: – Waiting for prequel series, Blood of My Blood. – Outlander universe expanding with new content.

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