Saints QB Derek Carr announces new jersey number

Derek Carr, quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, has publicly revealed his new jersey number.

It is expected that Carr will wear the number four, which was last used by punter Blake Gillikin.

A humorous photoshop alteration was used to make the announcement that Gillikin will now wear the number five.

He made the announcement on his Twitter account. Carr will continue to wear the jersey number that he has worn ever since he began playing for Fresno State,

with the fact that the number has been changed. A few intriguing facts include the fact that the Oakland Raiders selected

Carr in the draft in 2014. When he signed a four-year contract with the Raiders, he was the fourth quarterback to be selected in that year's draft.

Carr has also been selected for the Pro Bowl four times, and he recently signed a contract with 

 the Saints that is for four years, so the fourth spot appears to be a nice one for him.

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